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Sunday, 14 August 2011

UK Condemned?

After the riots and everything that's happened over the last week in the UK, has the coalition government condemned us?

This started out with the idea of using the word 'condemned' as the basis for an image. Playing up the Con (conservative) and Dem (Lib Dems) to make it all political and such.

I began with simply 2 portraits, one of David Cameron, and one of Nick Clegg. I kept them grey scale as I knew colour was not going to play a large role in the role and any necessary could be washed in later.

It was the simply a matter of assembling the image, beginning with painting the flag and beginning work on the smoke, before laying in the 2 portraits and completing the smoke.

The text was an effort to make it clear what I was trying to do with 'Con''Dem'ned using the colours and logos from the two parties. It probably breaks every Graphic Design rule there is, but I couldn't think of how else to include it successfully.

Here is the final image, it's come out very dark as per usual when I upload to blogger. Check out my website to view it as it's intended to be viewed

Friday, 5 August 2011

Jimmy Carr

Quick caricature of the rather funny Mr Jimmy Carr from today, quite happy with the way the colours came out on this one, although I'm unsure of the actual caricature itself, I'll get a better idea of it after a break from looking at it.