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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Razorblades + Handgrenades

Late last year I was approached to produce a series of illustrations for an upcoming album from rapper 'Lockstarr' entitled 'Razorblades and Hand grenades'. Album cover, social media banners and promotional illustrations were all needed, and needed in a more linework focused 'comic' style.

I have learned to respect the line, for she is a fickle mistress, and will punish you at any given opportunity. I've also developed an even greater respect for people who work primarily with ink and line, the Bernie Wrightson's of this world are nothing short of sorcerers!

Here's the highlights of the project..

Back Cover/Interior

Final cover illustration linework

The actual final version of the cover features razor blades floating in the champagne glasses as well as the grenade, but I felt like it worked better without so that's the version I'll be showing off (Sorry Dion!).

Final artwork

Promotional image

Social media banner
As you can see, she (Lockstarr) had some pretty specific ideas about the kind of imagery she wanted but luckily was also very willing to work with me and I think we ended up with some pretty interesting images.

Below are a few sketches that didn't make the cut but I enjoyed none-the-less! This is probably one of the only projects I've worked on where I was really excited about all the sketches done

Hi, I'm a rap stereotype...

This was my favourite sketch for the cover, but oh well, maybe next album?

Mixtape is available to buy/download/hear here.