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Monday, 21 March 2011

Something from the reject pile

Working on a few new portfolio pieces, but I don't wish to share them until their completion so until then; I give you some items from the reject pile. Either images I lost interest in, or just something I started for fun and didn't get around to finishing.

'Till next time

Available for work!


Kristian Duffy said...


I'm Kristian, currently studying at the end of second year on animation and illustration at bolton,

how's life after university? If you don't mind me asking that is!

dan lambert said...

Hey Kristian, thanks for stopping by.

Ah that's cool, how are you finding it?

I don't mind at all, unfortunately life after university is just as difficult as Pete is no doubt telling you it will be. I didn't have a particularly clear idea of the direction I wanted to go in when I graduated (still not 100% on that) so I floundered for a bit. But I was lucky enough to get a few small jobs and I've had good feedback on my recent work so I'll hopefully get a few more consistent jobs when I launch my new portfolio. I wish I had more to tell you but that's pretty much it!

Look up Abdul Rajput if you'd like to hear more of a success story, or Adam Powsney, they both have gotten more work than they can handle since they graduated.

Hope that helps!


Kristian Duffy said...

Thanks for the insight Dan!

I'm familiar with Abdul's work so it's good to hear it's proving fruitful for him, have to check out Pownsey.

Yes Pete (and others) are painting a very grim picture of life in industry, but it's a case of coming up with something widely accessible I think- much easier said than done mind you.

Anyway thanks again! You still get the odd mention from Pete whenever digital painting crops up (which is what brought me here) - so you've left a legacy!



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