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Monday, 2 May 2011

Dali and Destino

Recently rewatched the Disney/Dali collaborative short film Destino. It's a trippy but beautiful experience.
It inspired me to do up one final caricature before I start finishing the new folio images.

Dali will melt your brain.
Check out the video and caricature below


Abdul Rajput said...

What a brilliant piece of work [Dali].

Nice details. I think it is probability the best style out of all the caricature of your illustrations.

Keep it up! mate

dan lambert said...

Thanks mate, I'm pretty pleased with it

Mark Armstrong said...

Fantastic work-- just bowled me over!

Your lines are so soft and fluid, and yet everything is sharp and clear. Would love to hear about your technique and how you get such amazing results.

Great job!!

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