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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Einstein Caricature and process images

Here's the finished Einstein Caricature with some text for good measure (I apologise if it's lacking contrast, blogger tends to suck it out when I upload!?). I wanted to use all of Albert's formulae but they included symbols neither myself or my laptop understood, so had to make do with the more famous one. I'm still debating on having the text in at all, feel free to comment with your suggestions/opinions.

Included are the steps (click for larger view), for a full write up/tutorial on the making of the image check out and go to 'Process'.

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kara rane said...

hi Dan-
I enjoy your witty illustration. Your background in non-digital materials does aid your digital work.
My opinion on this project is No text. The text is not that interesting and it just takes away from the portrait. Basically, we all know who Einstein can we see him differently?

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